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The Un AmOur Band Tribe

Un AmOurBand
Live at Redwood
UAB Live
UAB Frontline
Dr. Scott
Nick & Kelly
Jon and Dr. Scott at OM
Live At Bear Republic
Jodi & Kelly
JoJo Styles
Un AmOur Band
Horn Section
Cate & Jody
Dr. Scott Bass Face
OM Fest
JoJo Styles
Un AmOur Band
Jonevan -lead vocals/founder
JoJo Styles
Jodi Sunshine

The Music of Un AmOur  Band

The music of Un AmOur band is a hybrid of Island style reggae rock with kewl rhythms and funky bass lines...

The Message of Un AmOur Band

The message of Un Amour Band promotes peace, unity, compassion and love. The lyrics encourage positive thinking and healthy affirmations to believe in ourselves and accept each other without judgement and prejudice. 

The message in the music can help you challenge false beliefs and raise the vibrational frequency. Enjoy our music and remember how amazing you are!  WE LOVE YOU! 

One Love, One World, One People. 

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